Growth & Innovation Advisors

Bringing strategy and implementation to companies around the world

Navigating the complexity of fast moving ecosystems can be challenging. We bring to our clients a systematic approach to strategy and translate it into a rapid implementation.

Advisium assists growth seeking companies identify and act on potential playgrounds and moves to accelerate the capture of new value.
Ecosystem Driven Strategy

We apply an unbiased lens to the market challenges and growth opportunities, mapping them within its relevant ecosystem in which the empowered consumer is at the center and for whom the industry barriers are today diluted. This approach ensures a sustainable and profitable path to business growth into new areas.

Value-based Implementation

Our team works hand-to-hand with our clients during implementation, to sustain alignment with strategy, drive value-based decisions, while accelerating the roll-out of game-changing initiatives. Depending on the complexity of each project, we can cover varied roles such as strategic advisors, project management officers and interim managers.

Product & Service Innovation

Through consumer and brand centric approaches, we assist companies to conceive, design and launch new offerings. Our proven approach is based on: (a) Thorough immersion with methodologies to uncover market opportunities paths and consumer needs; (b) Empathic and creative ideation and conceptualization techniques; and (c) Implementation acceleration roadmap.

Strategic Alliances & Acquisitions

A systematic approach to identify and monitor potential outsider brands / organizations to incorporate into the business which can turn into a fulcrum to access new markets, new consumer segments and/or new human and technological assets. We assess opportunities through different angles including market value and access, customer base complementarities, cultural fit and technical capabilities.

Commercial Model Recalibration

We use an analytic, strategic, and pragmatic approach to identify, quantify, and qualify the opportunities to optimize the RTM & RGM configuration and practices to maximize value capture. This includes customer segmentation & service levels, commercial policies, commercial execution, pricing & product assortment strategy, DSD/ISD configuration, and trade investment.

Brand Strategy & Experience Design

We understand the role that the brand plays as strategic differentiator and driver of consumer attachment in a market as competitive as today. Our approach to design the strategy and experiential elements of the brand anchors the sweet spot that the brand can occupy in the crossroads of what consumers love, where competition is less strong and where the company culture fits better.

We deliver strategic initiatives that boost market growth and accompany our clients through fast implementation.
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Advisium Growth is a Strategy Consulting Boutique, founded in 2009 to cover the gap between Business Excellence (making things happen), Organic and Inorganic Growth Strategy, Data Analysis and Human Centered Design. Led by a group of former FMCG and Pharma marketing directors with additional previous experience at top-tier strategy consulting firms and best-in-class communication agencies.

With our head office in Barcelona, we assist our clients to address a wide range of growth challenges mainly throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.

During our experience of over 10 years, we have worked on challenges involving understanding and unlocking value creation gates in more than 50 countries including: Spain, Germany, United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

We work at the crossroads of Strategic Growth, Marketing and Innovation.

Our firm focuses on categories in which the brand plays a relevant role for consumers such as: FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Pharma, Insurance, Banking and Telecom.

We assist in unlocking new business concepts and distinctive value creation platforms to gain the hearts and minds of Consumers across their natural ecosystems.

Our work usually transcends categories, industries and geographies and allows our clients to focus on the right playfield with the right assets.

Advisium's unique culture is one of our main assets.

Since Advisium’s foundation, we have always been moved by redefining how the strategic growth consulting practice is approached. Our cultural cornerstones are based on being empathic, flexible, and creative. We are all responsible in taking good care of our work-lives balance and usually making the best of our time, so that we don’t work long-hours nor weekends.

Being a condensed and agile team with members based around the world, we like working with each other, usually in remote, sometimes meeting at our clients’ premises when we have a big meeting. Our culture is built on trust, sharing, openness, flexibility, continuous learning and an ambitious but easy-going spirit.

with us

We are always looking for new talent. If you think that you could be a good match for our team and look to engage in a consultant role, please contact us



Engagement Manager (Strategic Growth Practice)- Europe

Unique opportunity to join in a key role for our Strategic Growth practice working with our international clients, particularly those ones based in Europe. This a role with full accountability of the project management, commitment to bring to term deliverables excellence and to lead positive team dynamics.

We are looking for top-down thinkers with relevant experience being part of a growth strategy consulting firm (e.g. McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Roland Berger), who have outstanding consulting skills (analytical and critical thinking, communication), backed up with empathic and creative attitude willing to experiment and build the path of Advisium approach to strategy consulting including our more relaxed environment, and a more holistic way to think on business challenges solving.

This role includes leading internal and external teams, as well as rolling-up your sleeves and diving into the project day-to-day executional needs.

Requisite: At least 3 years of experience as Senior Consultant or 1 year as manager in a top-nodge strategy consulting firm of reference, preferably with significant exposure to the Foods & Beverages, FMCG and OTC Pharma industries.

If this role is for you, please send your CV in PDF format to so that we can carefully review it, and come back to you.


Summer Internship Senior Consultant

This is our eight week interim role for first year MBA students seeking to gain exposure in a strategy consulting boutique.

We are looking for first year MBA students from top business schools around the world. We are looking for talented people with outstanding optimistic, empathic, and creative attitude, backed up with strong analytical and communication skills.

Requisite: At least 2 years of experience in strategy, branding, or design consulting with high exposure to the Foods & Beverages and Pharma industries (optionally, former Brand / Product Managers with P&L accountability from the aforementioned industries may potentially be a good match). Good understanding on research and insights management. Strong analytical and communication skills. High proficiency in power point and MS excel. Perfect English speaking and writing language is a MUST.

If this role is for you, please send your CV in PDF format to so that we can carefully review it, and come back to you.


RTM & RGM Senior Consultant - Europe & Latin America

If you are seeking for a firm where you can deploy your valuable and well accomplished know-how of Route-to-Market and/or Revenue-Growth-Management, without the typical hassles of participating in similar projects with the big firms (this includes being able to achieve a better quality of life for you, due to nearly no need to travel, and because of our relaxed but committed culture), then this will be your dream job.

We are looking for experienced consultants who have worked on the strategic assessment and implementation of RTM and/or RGM opportunities for beverages bottlers and packaged foods manufacturers. This role requires high analytical skills to be able to perform game-changing analyses and to deliver projections in aspects as: pricing and discounts policies, customer segmentation, commercial policies, occasions assortment model, in-store execution, cost-to-serve and cost-to-supply.

Requisite: At least 2 years of experience as Senior Consultant working with similar challenges, preferably with a consulting firm of reference in the market.

If this role is for you, please send your CV in PDF format to so that we can carefully review it, and come back to you.


Senior Consultant - Strategic Growth & Innovation

A role where you will support Advisium team to excel in projects that involve spotting and accelerating strategic growth opportunities, most of them related with the company value creation model, its strategic footprint and assets, and its innovation model. You will assist game-changing work for clients on an international scale with minimum to no travelling needed.

We are looking for recently graduated MBAs with relevant previous experience successfully performing strategic consulting work.

Requisite: MBA graduate with at least 1 year of experience working as Business Analyst or Consultant for renown consulting firms.

If this role is for you, please send your CV in PDF format to so that we can carefully review it, and come back to you.


We feel glad and honored to assist our clients succeding on their strategic growth challenges. For over 10 years, we have advised a relevant number of business organizations around the world, bringing strategic and pragmatic lens to unlock value on each initiative. A partial list of these clients include the following companies (please note however that due to confidentiality reasons, we are not able to disclose the specific details of our collaborations).

We are always happy to meet new people, new perspectives and new challenges.

If you are a potential client and want to know more about our services, please email us at

If you think that you could be a good match for our team and look to engage in a consultant role, please email us at:

For any other matters, please email us at or send us a message in the form below:

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