Experience is one of the best ways to boost Innovation inside a company. The key question is how to guide the organization through an innovation process so that it can get the most of it. Innovation Coaching helps companies to gain this experience in a manageable and convenient way vs engaging in a full innovation project. It is up to your corporate innovation management strategy to consider both having specific innovation challenges to be tackled and an ongoing learning process that fosters an innovation culture and organizational attitude, where individuals develop specific skills to bring innovations to success.

We can help you to guide your team on the always evolving innovation process. We can face together specific innovation challenges, through the innovation funnel (or at any particular stage of it), from consumer behavior and need states immersion to concept development, design and market roll-out.

We can also tailor specific “learn-by-doing” sessions, with industry experts in any particular field of your innovation model, including strategy, processes, organization and culture issues. We have a large professional network of experts with exposure with many of the innovation issues that most of the companies can face in any market, geography or product category.

We are able to work with groups and also on individual / one-to-one formats. We have worked with very diverse teams. We have also advised board members, directors and managers. We are flexible and happy to find the optimal approach to your needs.

Our philosophy to innovation coaching targets four key areas.

1. Business Driven:

2. Experts view:

3. Learning-by-doing:

4. Practical coaching:

This is just a little sample of how we can help you. CONTACT US! We are always happy and prepared to help you addressing your strategic growth needs.

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