Building Brands to Engage

In a world overcrowded with Brands that rapidly lose their uniqueness, it is critical for your success to build Brands that are properly conceived to CONNECT effectively with your target customers, BUILD long-term RELEVANCE in their mindsets and are able to INTERACT with them.

In our perspective for building a brand that has the best potential to connect with consumers, you have to consider the following steps:

Map competitor's brands and find your brand's potential brand communications sweetspots to explore:

Define a short-list of interesting "sweetspots" / potential brand positioning territories to build and explore in further detail:

Build brand ambition, brand positioning statement and preliminary brand identity system:

Refine brand positioning and develop brand wheel:

Develop the Brand's Activation Strategic Plan:

Do you find useful these tools to boost your strategic growth? In Advisium we are always happy and prepared to help you addressing your branding and strategic growth needs.

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