• Navigating the complexity of fast moving ecosystems can be challenging.
    We bring to our clients a systematic approach to strategy and translate it into rapid implementation.

What do we do?

We deliver strategic initiatives that boost market growth and accompany our clients through rapid implementation

Ecosystem-driven Strategy

Ecosystem Driven Strategy

We apply an unbiased lens to the market challenges and growth opportunities, mapping them within its relevant ecosystem in which the empowered consumer is at the center and for whom the industry barriers are today diluted. This approach ensures a sustainable and profitable path to business growth into new areas.

Value implementation

Value-based Implementation

Our team works hand-to-hand with our clients during implementation, to sustain alignment with strategy, drive value-based decisions, while accelerating the roll-out of game-changing initiatives. Depending on the complexity of each project, we can cover varied roles such as strategic advisors, project management officers and interim managers.


Product & Service Innovation

Through consumer and brand centric approaches, we assist companies to conceive, design and launch new offerings. Our proven approach is based on: (a) Thorough immersion with methodologies to uncover market opportunities paths and consumer needs; (b) Empathic and creative ideation and conceptualization techniques; and (c) Implementation acceleration roadmap.

Strategic Alliances & Acquisitions

A systematic approach to identify and monitor potential outsider brands / organizations to incorporate into the business which can turn into a fulcrum to access new markets, new consumer segments and/or new human and technological assets. We assess opportunities through different angles including market value and access, customer base complementarities, cultural fit and technical capabilities.

Brand Strategy & Experience Design

We understand the role that the brand plays as strategic differentiator and driver of consumer attachment in a market as competitive as today. Our approach to design the strategy and experiential elements of the brand anchors the sweet spot that the brand can occupy in the crossroads of what consumers love, where competition is less strong and where the company culture fits better.

Advisium assists growth seeking companies identify
and act on potential playgrounds and moves
to accelerate the capture of new value.

About Advisium

Our Firm

Advisium is a consulting boutique, founded in 2009 by a group of former FMCG Marketing Directors with additional previous experience at leading Strategy Consulting Firms and Communication Agencies.

Our head office is in BARCELONA. From there we assist our clients with a wide range of growth challenges mainly throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. During the last 10 years, we have worked on challenges involving more than 50 countries including: Spain, Germany, United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

“We work at the crossroads of Strategic Growth, Marketing and Innovation.”

Our firm focuses on categories in which the brand plays a relevant role for consumers such as: FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Pharma, Insurance, Banking and Telecom.

We help our clients both to delight their CONSUMERS with relevant , unique and attractive BRANDED value propositions and to gain shoppers across their pre, during and post-purchase journey.

Team Members

Advisium's talent pool is composed by three layers, which provide us with agility and thought leadership. The first one is formed by our fixed staff of practice directors and senior consultants. The second layer is our corporate strategic board formed by recognized leaders with proven experience on a relevant field of expertise, who help to shape and inspire our practice growth and can also be consulted as part of the specific milestones of our projects. The third layer is our extended network of collaborators, which allows us to staff talent at specific workload peaks and also when our projects require a very specific type of talent.

Francisco Pestana

Managing Director

Rafael Escanez

Associate Director

Orlando Franco

Senior Manager

Eric Gallegos

Engagement Manager

Eduard Vidal

Brand Strategy Manager

Ester Grau

Research Manager

Jason Chou

Engagement Manager


At Advisium Group we are always happy to help our clients to succeed on their strategic growth challenges. Over the last 10 years, we have advised a good number of companies, helping them to generate and capture value on each initiative. A partial list of these clients include the following companies (please note however that due to confidentiality reasons, we are not able to disclose the specific details of our collaborations).

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We are always HAPPY to meet new people, new perspectives and new challenges.

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